The Eco-Meet Mission

"To Challenge and inspire interest, appreciation
and understanding of the natural sciences and the
Kansas environment through interscholastic competition."

What is an Eco-Meet?

Imagine a competition where knowledge of Kansas’ wildlife and plants is the key to success! The Eco-Meets offer a chance for the most¬†naturally-qualified high school students to show what they know and win scholarships.

Participants are tested in four areas:


Wildlife Quiz

Taking the Quiz – Photo by Tom Hein

Tests students’ integrated knowledge of specific Kansas habitat types. The topic area for 2017 will be Tallgrass Prairie. This is a lab-type test.

leafFocus Test

Tests students’ knowledge of one particular group of animals. For 2017, the focus topic will be Reptiles and Amphibians. This is a lab-type test.

leafScavenger Hunt

Tests students’ ability to locate and identify various natural objects. This part takes place outside and mainly tests the ability to identify native plants.


Tests students’ ability to communicate ideas to an audience. It’s more than a skit and less than a speech, with elements of both–and a lot of fun!


Both team and individual efforts are recognized by giving college scholarships to the members of the top three teams and to the top two individuals in the ecosystem and focus tests.